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September 2010 - version 2.12 released

SMD available software

SMD is making its full source code available free of charge under the MIT license. It comes with some installation instructions, and some reasonable documentation, but be warned that getting SMD up and running at your institution is no trivial task. You will need at least the following items:

If you are missing any of the above items, the chances are that you will not be successful in installing SMD on your site.
If you do have all the above items, your chances are slightly better ;-).


In addition, the source code to XCluster may also be downloaded through this registration and download process.

Getting the software

To get the software, you must agree to the software license, and register. You will then be emailed a password. If you already have a username and password, you may proceed directly to the download area

Giving Feedback

We appreciate any and all feedback, good or bad, that will help us improve SMD, and add new tools, or means of storing data in SMD. You can send feedback to, and can post questions to the SMD development forum.

There is a document of a successful install in Linux available here

Please send comments or questions to: